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Certified Hazardous Materials Managers

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Resources Links and Presentations

CHMM Links:

Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals. This is the national organization with which RMC-CHMM is affiliated. The AHMP hosts an annual conference.

Institute of Hazardous Materials Management. This is the certifying entity for CHMMs. The IHMM is responsible for maintaining certification standards for prospective CHMMs and maintenance requirements for CHMMs. Contact the IHMM for information on how to become a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.

Government Links:

Haz Mat Technical Links: On-line search of the NIOSH book-Order CD of Book to use on computer EZ guide - Glove / Respirator / cartridge selection Free download Free download of Cameo, Marplot, Aloha Free download Granger/Lab Safety supplies HazMat labels and safety supplies Monitoring instruments Will work with you on testing your system. Make sure you call their non emergency to talk to someone. Program that is downloadable is a software purchase Kit used to identify unknown chemicals. Also provides training on how to use kits.


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